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Korenix Technology

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5F-1 No 98-1 Ming-Chuan Rd
Shing Tien City
Telephone: (Taiwan) +44 1527 592 999

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Listing of all 8 news releases from Korenix Technology:

Korenix unveils I/O-Ethernet converter

Korenix Technology has launched the JetCon 6330, a smart I/O to Ethernet converter, equipped with 16-channel digital input.

News from Korenix Technology (17 September 2008)

Korenix offers JetNet 4506-M12 Ethernet switch

Korenix has released an industrial six-port managed M12/IP68 Ethernet switch, the JetNet 4506-M12.

News from Korenix Technology ( 5 September 2008)

Computers ease facility monitoring

The JetBox 8100 enables operators to visualise, monitor and control the operation of specific mining areas and facilities

News from Korenix Technology (22 October 2007)

Device server protects serial interfaces

The JetPort 5604i offers 2kV optical isolation protection and 15kV ESD surge protection of serial interfaces.

News from Korenix Technology (12 October 2007)

Switches for copper-wired Ethernet networks

Korenix releases an innovative industrial Gigabit flagship switch series, the JetNet 5010G industrial Gigabit managed switch, 7-port 10/100 Fast Ethernet plus three combo Gigabit slots

News from Korenix Technology (14 December 2006)

Switch has enhanced network management functions

Korenix has developed the JetNet 4500 industrial, managed switch with enhanced network management functions and network redundancy support.

News from Korenix Technology ( 8 November 2005)

Serial card takes flow control onboard

The JetCard 1400 Series is specially designed for long distance industrial applications that require high speed RS422/485 interfaces.

News from Korenix Technology (31 October 2005)

Serial cards go to industrial extremes

The JetCard 1204w and 1208w are four- and eight-port RS232 Universal PCI communication cards that support operation at temperatures from -40 to +85C.

News from Korenix Technology (26 July 2005)


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