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Knitter Switch

Grove House
Lutyens Close
RG24 8AG
Telephone: (UK) +44 1256 338670

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Listing of all 43 news releases from Knitter Switch:

Knitter Switch unveils MER Series encoders

The Knitter Switch MER Series includes the latest encoders to be made available.

News from Knitter Switch ( 2 September 2008)

Tact switches are sealed to IP67

Sealed tact switches provide excellent tactile feedback and offer a long operational life of at least one million cycles.

News from Knitter Switch ( 1 May 2008)

Pushbutton switches are sealed on the panel

Sealed switches will interest manufacturers of industrial control and automation systems as well as those building medical products.

News from Knitter Switch ( 7 April 2008)

Rotary switches take control

Rotary coded switches are available in standard, surface-mount or right-angle versions and provide users with a good, quality switch "feel".

News from Knitter Switch (25 February 2008)

Switch provides tactile feedback

Because the switch incorporates a silicone dome, there is no audible click during operation but there is excellent tactile feedback.

News from Knitter Switch ( 4 February 2008)

Slide switches offer precise operation

MMP 1010-1 microminiature slide switches have a very stable construction and offer a precise switch operation with a maximum operating force of 8N.

News from Knitter Switch ( 9 October 2007)

Rotary switches promise long life onboard

Miniature PCB-mounting rotary coded switches are suitable for applications in telecomms, building automation and industrial control systems.

News from Knitter Switch (10 September 2007)

Push button switches resist vandalism

The PV series of switches offers a number of illumination options including centre dot or circle rim types in red, green, yellow, blue and white.

News from Knitter Switch (29 August 2007)

Shortform brings switch catalogue up to date

Catalogue overviews latest switch products for consumer, industrial, medical, telecomms, broadcast and instrumentation applications.

News from Knitter Switch (28 May 2007)

DIL switches hold firm onboard

Knitter Switch has designed the DBS3000-VM dual-inline switch to satisfy the requirements of a wide variety of consumer and industrial product applications.

News from Knitter Switch (19 April 2007)

Small DIL switches promise full-size performance

High performance dual inline switch products are designed for use in a wide variety of consumer products where high performance and reliability are key requirements.

News from Knitter Switch (26 March 2007)

Pushbutton tact switch has small claim to fame

Surface-mount pushbutton tact switch is 50% smaller than comparable products.

News from Knitter Switch (13 October 2006)

New web site for Knitter-Switch

Knitter-switch, Europe's largest switch manufacturer, announces the launch of it's brand new website.

News from Knitter Switch (25 July 2006)

Pushbutton tact switch saves space

The space-saving surface mount TSS 309 pushbutton tact switch measures 3.8 x 6.0mm and is just 1.7mm high.

News from Knitter Switch (12 June 2006)

Tact switch promises reliability on a budget

A new right-angle tact switch series is designed for a wide variety of applications - such as white goods - where a reliable low-cost switch is required.

News from Knitter Switch (24 May 2006)

Tact switch has two colour LEDs for status

The TSSL 3W illuminated tact switch is ideal for use in a wide range of applications where tactile response, small size and LED illumination is required.

News from Knitter Switch (31 March 2006)

Surface-mount joystick puts five functions in one

The TSSJ 5 is a five-direction surface-mount switch that needs a board area of just 7.4 x 7.4mm and which features a total height of only 4.5mm.

News from Knitter Switch (12 October 2005)

Tact switches offer miniature benefits

A new series of microminiature tact switches is designed for a variety of applications in industrial automation where an ultrasmall, rugged and waterproof switch is required.

News from Knitter Switch (19 September 2005)

Budget switches are big on reliability

A new series of stackable DIP switches boast a long mechanical life of 2000 operations minimum per pole.

News from Knitter Switch (23 August 2005)

Pushbutton switches keep the noise down

Knitter-Switch has released a new a range of silent pushbutton switches.

News from Knitter Switch (30 June 2005)

Rotary switch shrinks to the surface

Surface-mount switch offers five functions

Tact switches are designed for surface mounting

Farnell catalogue adds 60 new ranges

Pushbutton switches cover all applications

Switches suit medical applications

Mini joystick is new choice for menu selections

Switches return to Electronica

Rotary switches unlock the code

Distribution deal extends to Northern Europe

Blue is the colour for illuminated pushbuttons

Riggs looks North

No competition for new UK distributor

Toggle switches protect against static discharge

A toggle switch for (just about) every application

Illuminated pushbuttons fit dark holes

Compact sliders aim for consumer applications

Arrow stars for Knitter

Multifunction switch aids menu-based control

Low-cost switches are washable

Switches appear in RS catalogue

Extensive range of switching products

Five in one from multifunction tact switch


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