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Product category: Memory Devices and Modules
News Release from: Kingston Technology | Subject: 512Mbyte microSD
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 12 April 2006

MicroSD card expands to 512Mbyte

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Kingston Technology today announced the launch of its 512Mbyte microSD memory card, further enhancing its rapidly expanding line of mobile memory solutions

Kingston Technology has launched a 512Mbyte microSD memory card, further enhancing its rapidly expanding line of mobile memory solutions. Designed to support current and next generation 'multifunctional' smartphones, the new 512Mbyte microSD offers the increased memory capacity and reduced sized format required to power premium features such as MP3 playback, video downloads, high-quality cameras and 3D gaming.

Jim Selby, Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Kingston Technology comments: 'As more sophisticated smartphones become available, technology-savvy consumers are increasingly demanding larger memory capacities that enable them to download and use content and applications found online'.

'This is in addition to any multimedia content they create themselves'.

'With today's advanced video compression techniques, a single 512Mbyte card can hold several full-length movie downloads'.

Selby continues: 'Alongside consumers upgrading their handsets to access news and entertainment on the move, a 512Mbyte microSD memory card is also ideal for backing up address books, text messages, photos, data files and even your favourite ringtones'.

This trend is confirmed by David Linsalata, Research Analyst with international research group, IDC: 'From digital music and 3D gaming to TV and video, multimedia is emerging as a clear driver for the future growth of the mobile phone market'.

'However, without sufficient storage, users will be unable to take full advantage of the multimedia-rich, advanced mobile phones now coming to market'.

Kingston Technology's new microSD cards come with a Secure Digital (SD) adapter for use as a full-size SD card.

To protect against accidental data loss, the adapter has a built-in write-protect switch.

The 512Mbyte capacity card follows on from the 256Mbyte microSD card, launched during the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2006.

Larger capacity cards will follow, as Kingston Technology meets the fast growing demands of mobile devices and digital content.

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