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Kingston Technology

Kingston Court
Brooklands Close
TW16 7EP
Telephone: (UK) 0800 8888 0101

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Flash card accommodates high-res imaging

Memory card is optimised to meet the demands of high capacity and fast write speeds.

News from Kingston Technology (18 August 2008)

Memory modules keep up with Xeon processors

Kingston 800MHz FB-DIMMs are shipping in capacities ranging from 512Mbyte to 4Gbyte.

News from Kingston Technology (25 March 2008)

Small-format SD cards boost storage to 4Gbyte

MicroSDHC cards are perfect to meet the rising communication and multimedia demands of mobile phones and digital devices.

News from Kingston Technology ( 1 October 2007)

Memory modules address the need for speed

Kingston Technology describes its ultra-low-latency DDR2 800MHz 3-3-3 HyperX memory modules as the fastest performing memories available.

News from Kingston Technology (22 May 2007)

Micro memory card adapts to standard SD designs

2Gbyte microSD card comes with "mini" and "standard" size Secure Digital adapters.

News from Kingston Technology (27 April 2007)

Memory cards handle larger image demands

Secure Digital High-Capacity memory card line expands with larger capacities and new speed grades.

News from Kingston Technology (19 March 2007)

Focus on Flash pays off with record revenues

Kingston Technology registers revenue increase of $400 million, far exceeding sales forecasts and marking the highest revenues in its 20-year history.

News from Kingston Technology ( 5 March 2007)

MicroSD card with versatile dual adapter

Kingston Technology has brought out a special microSD card bundled with a dual adapter designed to allow maximum compatibility of microSD Flash memory cards across multiple platform devices.

News from Kingston Technology (15 February 2007)

Memory modules accelerate gaming experience

Kingston Technology has announced the launch of its new 1.15 and 1.2GHz DDR2 HyperX memory modules.

News from Kingston Technology (11 January 2007)

Secure Digital cards boost capacity

New SDHC cards will be able to handle the huge levels of images and data that today's digital cameras and MP3 players are capable of delivering.

News from Kingston Technology ( 9 October 2006)

Memory modules are made for Opteron-based systems

Specifically designed to support next-generation AMD Opteron 1000 Series processors, new memory modules combine AMD64 technology with energy-efficient DDR2 memory and AMD PowerNow.

News from Kingston Technology (16 August 2006)

Cards add mobile storage

2Gbyte capacity miniSD and MMCmobile Flash memory cards support the growing storage demands of feature-rich mobile phones.

News from Kingston Technology (13 July 2006)

Memory modules are made for Nvidia applications

With a simple one-step process the HyperX DDR2 PC2-6400 modules increase overall system performance when paired with select Nvidia nForce 500 series-based motherboards.

News from Kingston Technology ( 7 July 2006)

Modules offer next generation in DDR memory

DDR2 800MHz memory modules are specially designed to support the AMD Athlon 64 product family for select socket AM2 desktop processors.

News from Kingston Technology (21 June 2006)

CompactFlash range expands to 8Gbyte

A new 8Gbyte CompactFlash Elite Pro card is the latest addition to Kingston Technology's line of Flash memory card solutions.

News from Kingston Technology (15 June 2006)

DDR2 modules race to 1066MHz

HyperX DDR2 1000MHz (PC2-8000) and HyperX DDR2 1066MHz (PC2-8500) memory modules support high end computing, with capacities of up to 2Gbyte.

News from Kingston Technology ( 5 June 2006)

DDR modules reduce latency

Kingston Technology has launched new Ultra Low Latency DDR modules and Low Latency DDR2 memory modules, expanding its successful line of HyperX modules.

News from Kingston Technology (12 May 2006)

MicroSD card expands to 512Mbyte

Kingston Technology today announced the launch of its 512Mbyte microSD memory card, further enhancing its rapidly expanding line of mobile memory solutions.

News from Kingston Technology (12 April 2006)

Fully buffered DIMMs boost server bandwidth

Kingston Technology's FB-DIMM modules are a high-speed high-density memory solution for related technology workstation and server platforms.

News from Kingston Technology ( 5 April 2006)

Kingston busts through $3 billion barrier

Total product revenue in the 12 months up to 31st December 2005 at Kingston Technology increased by over 22% to $3 billion.

News from Kingston Technology (20 February 2006)

Industry giant provides distribution support

SD memory cards shrink to micro size

Ultimate claims for speedy CompactFlash cards

Kingston completes awards trifecta

Memory modules support next generation notebooks

Distributor aims to boost UK memory sales

Chinese output expands on time

Secure Digital card expands for larger files

Dynamic burn-in tester wins US Patent

IBM to support memory products

Report shows benefits of boosting memory

Blackcube to distribute digital media memory

SD cards claim ultimate write speeds

Memory modules receive Intel endorsement

Co-operation optimises multicore performance

New format targets mobile data storage

DDR2 modules support latest computing platforms

Cards offer increased performance and flexibility

Kingston bursts through $2 billion turnover

Ultimate dream machine at CeBIT

Memory cards shrink to smaller formats

CD Cards expand for more storage

Outstanding achievement at channel awards

Burn-in tester boosts memory module reliability

Website simplifies digital memory specification

USB interfaces provide speedy memory access

Latest Flash components boost CompactFlash density

Digital media are guaranteed for life

Momory modules boast higher bandwidth

New European role for Marschner

MultiMediaCard enters new generation

Portable storage media upgraded

Kingston takes top slot in memory market survey

Kingston makes the top 50 workplaces in the UK

Award recognises three years of export growth

CompactFlash card exploits latest memory devices

DDR2 memory modules on show at CeBIT

Kingston joins in global gaming challenge

Memory sales maintain growth

Faster clocking for DDR modules

Compact cards provide speedy secure storage


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