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Kilopass Technology

3333 Octavius Drive, Suite 101
Santa Clara
CA 95054
Telephone: (USA) +1 408 980-8808

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Extra-permanent memory proves popular

 User application article   Embedded extra-permanent memory technology has been used in several security applications, such as digital content protection and rights management.

News from Kilopass Technology (21 April 2008)

Nonvolatile memory IP qualifies for 80 and 90nm

Target applications for the 80 and 90nm processes include general purpose consumer as well and mobile and wireless applications.

News from Kilopass Technology (18 April 2008)

Embedded memory enables wireless home control

 User application article   XPM technology allows Zensys to contain its costs and add new features to its SoCs.

News from Kilopass Technology (15 April 2008)

Technology suits 65nm processes

Kilopass XPM technology is ide