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Orpheus House
Calleva Park, Aldermaston
Telephone: (UK) +44 1734 811571

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Listing of all 14 news releases from KEC:

Adapted backshell keeps big bundles screened

KEC has adapted a miniature 37-way Inotec D-type backshell to accommodate a heavy-duty cable assembly that would not normally fit a standard D backshell.

News from KEC (28 May 2002)

EMC backshells for micro D connectors

KEC has developed a new range of EMC backshells for micro D connectors that caters for modern system requirements.

News from KEC (15 May 2002)

Braid trap boosts gland EMC performance

The KG3 and KG4 are two EMC panel glands from KEC that provide high levels of overall and/or individual screening and are ideal for use where a cable screen has to be terminated at a bulkhead.

News from KEC (19 December 2001)

Circulars take flexible route to earth

KEC has developed a special EMC backshell that adapts a circular connector to a flexible printed circuit board while terminating the ground plane of the PCB to the shell of the connector.

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