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Kaparel Corp

97 Randall Drive
N2V 1C5
Telephone: (Canada) +1 519 725 0101 x208

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Listing of all 19 news releases from Kaparel Corp:

Rittal reorganises its subsidiaries

Rittal has formed a single business unit by combining the Kaparel backplane operation in Waterloo, Canada with the Ripac subrack mechanical/assembly operations in Springfield, Ohio.

News from Kaparel Corp (29 July 2003)

Teradyne and Kaparel in circuit accord

Teradyne Connection Systems Division (TCS) and Kaparel Corp have formed a supply partnership for high-performance circuits (HPCs).

News from Kaparel Corp (24 January 2003)

StarFabric demo at Bus and Board 2003

Kaparel is part of a multivendor demonstration based on the PICMG 2.17 CompactPCI StarFabric specification at Bus and Board 2003.

News from Kaparel Corp (21 January 2003)

Developer chassis goes on show

Kaparel is showing its 6141-ATCA developer chassis, with its 11401 full mesh backplane, at the Bus and Board Conference in Long Beach, California, starting today.

News from Kaparel Corp (21 January 2003)

Kaparel joins High Speed Backplane Initiative

Kaparel Corporation has become a member of the High Speed Backplane Initiative (HSBI).

News from Kaparel Corp ( 6 September 2002)