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Hios BL electric screwdrivers are ESD safe

Kaisertech has added the Hios BL series of brushless motor electric screwdrivers to its product range.

News from Electronicstalk, 12 November 2008

Budget option in SMT rework

Low-cost rework station is well suited to desoldering parts requiring a large amount of thermal energy and lower temperature.

News from Electronicstalk, 4 August 2008

Health check keeps fume extraction in spec

Fume extraction system performance check service meets requirements of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations.

News from Electronicstalk, 22 July 2008

Novel feeder picks on through-hole LEDs

Feeder picks up LEDs so that the legs stay straight and pointing downwards to position them through the PCB holes.

News from Electronicstalk, 4 June 2008

Single soldering stations stand alone

Each member of the new "singles" family of JBC soldering stations works with a dedicated tool and combines all the necessary functions into a single benchtop unit.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 May 2008

Conformal coatings programmed offline

Software allows conformal coating systems to be programmed offline using a photographic image of the board to be coated.

News from Electronicstalk, 27 November 2007

Colour microscope eases PCB inspection

Kaisertech's hand-held probe and camera allows users to look into awkward corners of assemblies.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 September 2007

Kaisertech continues expansion

New premises have been purpose-designed to house all the company's offices and warehouse storage facilities under one roof.

News from Electronicstalk, 29 June 2007

Placement systems reduce downtime

System flexibility and expandability and offline programming capabilities were key factors when G and B Electronics specified its latest two placement systems.

News from Electronicstalk, 26 June 2007

Production equipment webshop covers 22 brands

Kaisertech has gone live with a completely updated website and online shop.

News from Electronicstalk, 14 June 2007

Furniture is standard and custom

Kaisertech can supply a range of workbenches, racking and chairs and offers both off-the-peg and made-to-measure options.

News from Electronicstalk, 5 January 2007

Cabinets keep sensitive substances dry

Kaisertech has introduced a range of dry cabinets for the storage of moisture sensitive products such as electronic components, PCBs, solder pastes and adhesives.

News from Electronicstalk, 21 November 2006

Production equipment covers full range

Kaisertech's 166-page 2007 electronic production equipment "Katalogue" is now available in both print and CD format.

News from Electronicstalk, 28 September 2006

Pick-and-place system runs at the double

The Assembleon AX-201 pick-and-place system has two trolleys and dual heads, allowing both fine-pitch/odd form electronic components and chips/ICs to be placed on PCBs extremely accurately.

News from Electronicstalk, 27 September 2006

Reflow oven answers lead-free demands

Answering the need for increased reflow temperatures mandated by the adoption of lead-free solder, Phase 1 Electronics of Portsmouth has acquired a Dima Solano reflow oven.

News from Electronicstalk, 19 May 2006

Soldering equipment sold at Southern Electronics

Simtek EMS has ordered a range of JBC soldering equipment as part of its upgrade to lead-free processing.

News from Electronicstalk, 13 February 2006

Test chambers simulate operational environments

The Binder range of environmental test chambers can be used to test materials, components and assemblies by simulating the operational environments encountered by components and systems.

News from Electronicstalk, 10 February 2006

Novel valve scotches mist when coating

A new spray valve enables conformal coatings to be sprayed accurately and repeatedly without any overspray or mist.

News from Electronicstalk, 3 February 2006

Conveyor systems mechanise PCB production

Suitable for a variety of PCB handling tasks, the Promass range includes workstations, buffer section conveyors, gates, loaders and unloaders.

News from Electronicstalk, 1 December 2005

Rework station is easy to control

The new JBC AM 6800 rework station from Kaisertech has a digital readout, which makes the station more controllable.

News from Electronicstalk, 17 October 2005

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