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Microcontroller software offered for free download

AVRISP supports all released AVR microcontrollers and has a commandline version included.

News from (10 January 2008)

Package makes it easy to start a Zigbee network

The Starter Kit from allows engineers to easily create a Zigbee network for home or industrial use.

News from (31 August 2007)

Embedded modules take Linux applications onboard

The DIL/NetPC range are powerful 32bit single board computers in small footprint packages, with a wide range of peripherals and software solutions built-ins.

News from ( 6 February 2007)

RFID starter kit cuts development time

A new RFID starter kit from gives a boost to engineers who want to investigate RFID solutions in a wide range of applications.

News from ( 4 December 2006)

Budget emulator opens up PC development

The PIC-MU-BETA is a real-time in-circuit emulator for 6-pin to 18-pin Microchip PIC microcontro