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JK Microsystems

1403 Fifth Street
Suite D
CA 95616
Telephone: (USA) +1 530 297 6073

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Listing of all 11 news releases from JK Microsystems:

Ethernet-enabled embedded SBC busts $100 barrier

At only $98 per unit, the picoFlash is a 186-compatible DOS computer with Ethernet whose performance rivals competitor's Ethernet-enabled products for a fraction of the cost.

News from JK Microsystems (25 February 2004)

SBC takes real-time kernel onboard

The popular uC/OS-II RTOS is now compatible with JK Microsystems' low-cost Flashlite 186 embedded single board computer.

News from JK Microsystems (12 February 2004)

Online forum aims to speed embedded development

A new online technical support forum aims to bring engineers, customers and partners together to discuss issues related to embedded single board computer development, software and operating systems.

News from JK Microsystems (11 November 2003)