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Jaltek Systems

Unit 13 Dencora Way Sundon Park
United Kingdom
Telephone: (United Kingdom) +44 1582 578170

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Design services cut time to market

Jaltek's offering speeds the whole "to market" process, thanks to design, analysis and simulation capabilities that expose products to a virtual manufacturing line as they are being designed.

News from Jaltek Systems (12 October 2007)

Dedicated prototyping line added to factory

Contract manufacturer has added a line dedicated to prototyping work to its facility in Luton.

News from Jaltek Systems (10 May 2007)

Marathon man raises money for Stroke Association

A Customer Services Manager at a leading design and manufacturing services provider has raised over GBP2,500 for the Stroke Association by running the London Marathon.

News from Jaltek Systems (30 April 2007)

Acquisition enhances RF expertise

Integrated design and manufacturing services provider Jaltek Group is to acquire Milton Keynes based Wavesight.

News from Jaltek Systems (23 January 2007)

Anglo-Swedish EMS marriage is annulled

Jaltek has terminated its strategic alliance agreement with Swedish EMS provider Note.

News from Jaltek Systems