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Jaro Thermal

6600 Park of Commerce Boulevard
Boca Raton
FL 33487

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Listing of all 8 news releases from Jaro Thermal:

Fan is top choice for tightly spaced applications

Device provides a breezy 12.7 litre/s of output in a convenient 40 x 28mm package.

News from Jaro Thermal ( 1 November 2007)

Fans go back to back for cooling under pressure

Fixed-blade design maximises static pressure and slick air-gliding frame optimises airflow.

News from Jaro Thermal ( 2 July 2007)

Open fin design for IC coolers

Miniature open-fin IC coolers are suitable for space-constrained applications such as portable equipment.

News from Jaro Thermal (23 April 2007)

Fans are protected to IP55

AC rated fans meet the waterproof and dustproof parameters of the IP55 water protection standard.

News from Jaro Thermal (30 January 2007)

Micro-sized fans cool handheld kit

Producing an impressive 100ml/s of cooling air, the Super-Flow Micro is ideal for PDA, cellphone and other small-spaced applications.

News from Jaro Thermal ( 7 November 2006)

Quieter fans live longer

Fluid dynamic bearing fans provide quiet cooling for a variety of cooling applications including TVs, servers, power supplies, automotive and medical devices.

News from Jaro Thermal ( 1 September 2006)

DC fans put heat under pressure

Fan series is perfect for high-powered thermally managed applications, with an extraordinarily efficient level of heat dissipation.

News from Jaro Thermal (14 August 2006)

Cooling fan boasts stunning airflow

The latest high-flowing AC cooling fan from ISO certified Jaro Components tops out at a stunning 210 litre/s.

News from Jaro Thermal ( 7 June 2006)


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