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JAE Europe

Coliseum Business Centre
Riverside Way
GU15 3YL
Telephone: (UK) +44 1276 404000

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Listing of all 43 news releases from JAE Europe:

Micro-USB interconnects exceed industry standards

JAE DX4 receptacles save an extra 0.4mm over the standard Micro-USB width by using a revised hold-down design.

News from JAE Europe ( 7 March 2008)

Automotive connector handle higher currents

Low-profile connectors are aimed at automotive cabin applications where any space saved maximises the room available for the car occupants.

News from JAE Europe (14 February 2008)

Handheld connector combines SIM and microSD cards

The ST5 series connector stacks the SIM card and the push/push microSD card vertically to reduce board-space requirements in mobile phone handsets.

News from JAE Europe (24 January 2008)

Compact connectors bring PCIe onboard

Connectors combine cable-mount plugs and PCB-mount receptacles featuring through-hole pin termination.

News from JAE Europe (16 November 2007)

Connector system retains Mini Card

To hold the entire module securely, the connector and latch are positioned at either end of the card and operate together to enable module ejection.

News from JAE Europe (28 September 2007)

PCB connectors increase board density

Surface mount board-to-board connectors enable board spacing down to 4.5mm in space-constrained products.

News from JAE Europe (16 August 2007)

Connector quality meets automotive gold standard

Certification will enable JAE to directly supply high quality products to major automotive companies including Volvo, Jaguar, Ford Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler.

News from JAE Europe ( 9 August 2007)