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Low-power Bluetooth set to boom

An IMS Research product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Aug 25, 2008

Report highlights several reasons why Bluetooth low energy wireless technology will be a success.

As classic Bluetooth shipments continue to soar, Bluetooth low energy wireless technology provides a solution that enables the industry to diversify whilst retaining an interoperable standard.

Devices that require an ultra low-power connection are currently using proprietary alternatives.

However, according to Fiona Thomson, Research Director for IMS Research's Connectivity Group: "Considering Bluetooth technology's legacy, Bluetooth low energy technology is a prime candidate to supplant these proprietary ICs, especially in devices where interoperability is a must".

A recently published IMS report entitled: "The world market for Bluetooth low energy wireless technology" highlights several reasons for Bluetooth low energy wireless technology to be a success.

In fact, it has the potential to be the fastest shipping wireless technology so far.

This is partly due to drivers which include a negligible cost adder, general market awareness and acceptance of Bluetooth technology, legacy Bluetooth devices and dual-mode replacement.

In many cases, especially in the market for cellular handsets, where much of the volumes are expected, it will simply be a case of replacing a classic Bluetooth IC with a dual-mode Bluetooth low energy IC.

This will enable consumers to take advantage of the new services and applications that Bluetooth low energy technology can offer.

However, IMS Research does not envisage Bluetooth low energy-enabled devices until 2010.

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