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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: inSilicon Corp
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 5 March 2002

AMD comes to inSilicon for USB IP

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AMD has licensed inSilicon's USB 2.0 transceiver IP for use in future chip designs

Under the terms of the agreement, AMD is licensed to incorporate inSilicon's USB 2.0 transceiver macrocell interface (UTMI) PHY (USB 2 PHY) into future chip designs to provide reliable, cost-efficient USB 2.0 connectivity. Developed jointly with Tality, a subsidiary of Cadence Design Systems, inSilicon's USB 2 PHY converts real world analogue signals to digital USB logic in a PC or peripheral.

The USB 2.0 UTMI PHY is the world's first semiconductor intellectual property product to pass full USB 2.0 compliance testing, an essential factor in ensuring functionality and interoperability in next-generation USB 2.0 PC and consumer products.

The USB 2.0 standard accelerates performance by 40 times over USB 1.1.

inSilicon has included features to its UTMI PHY that enable its use in either a PC host or peripheral.

"We chose inSilicon because of their leadership in USB semiconductor IP and our confidence in their ability to deliver on a mixed-signal design", said Vinod Menon, director of Connectivity Solutions at AMD.

inSilicon's certified USB 2 PHY technology was chosen because of the compatibility of its USB 2.0 physical interface technology with USB 2.0 target devices, which helps reduce design risk and improve time to market".

"inSilicon is pleased to have been selected to supply this key technology to a company of AMD's stature and market position", said Barry Hoberman, chief executive officer of inSilicon Corp.

"Their decision reflects the significant progress inSilicon has made in entering the mixed-signal technology business.

For AMD's customers, this will speed their deployment of the coming generation of USB 2.0 capable equipment".

"We're very happy to hear AMD has chosen the inSilicon USB 2.0 transceiver IP that Tality partnered with inSilicon to develop", stated Tim Henricks, vice president and general manager of analogue and mixed signal design services at Tality.

"The combination of Tality's high-performance data communications signal processing expertise and inSilicon USB 2.0 PHY technology, offers the best total integrated solution for AMD and their customers".

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