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Subsystem puts USB On-The-Go on the SoC menu

inSilicon has rolled out its USB On-The-Go (OTG) controller subsystem for consumer electronics and PC peripherals.

News from inSilicon Corp (11 September 2002)

Hitachi takes USB IP from inSilicon

Hitachi is to integrate inSilicon's certified USB 2 PHY in its embedded H8S and SH processor-based SoC designs to provide cost-effective, high-speed USB solutions for the LSI semiconductor market.

News from inSilicon Corp ( 7 August 2002)

Cost controls keep inSilicon afloat

inSilicon Corp has reported financial results for the third fiscal quarter ended 30th June 2002.

News from inSilicon Corp (18 July 2002)

Agilent comes to inSilicon for USB IP

Agilent Technologies has signed an agreement for inSilicon to supply its USB 2.0 PHY IP to Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group.

News from inSilicon Corp (21 June 2002)

Codec provides improved image compression

inSilicon Corp has added the JPEG2000 codec to its existing portfolio of image compression semiconductor intellectual property.

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