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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Aug 2, 2010

Interface Masters Technologies has announced an additional member of its 10 Gigabit (10Gb) product family designed to integrate with network monitoring appliances, analytics probes and logging tools.

The Niagara 3218 can also integrate with intrusion detection systems and central office applications.

It consists of Quad Link Aggregation TAP segments, which possess full 10Gb and 1Gb monitoring capabilities.

Each segment can support multiple TAP methodologies as well as multi-mode fibre (SR) and single-mode fibre (LR) media configuration for 10Gb speeds and multi-mode fibre (SX), single-mode fibre (LX) and copper (TX) for 1Gb speeds.

In addition, eight additional link aggregation TAP ports are available for networking monitoring and mirroring of any port.

The system architecture is designed for flexibility, enabling Niagara 3218 to operate in various modes including aggregation, packet injection, and multiple port monitoring.

Additionally, the system supports a full suite of secure management including industry-standard management and logging tools.

The Niagara 3218 10GE TAP and link aggregation TAP is managed by a 64-bit MIPS controller, which supports a variety of control and management capabilities.

The system is said to provide flexible and intuitive CLI and GUI management features including secure web UI via an https connection, secure shell (SSH), SNMP, e-mail notification for special events, and TAP method configuration.

An authentication client capable of interfacing with authentication servers such as Tacacas+ is integrated into the system.

In addition, the TAP system possesses Syslog support, enabling consolidation of log data from various systems into a central repository.

This feature provides management, traceability and security auditing across a variety of devices and receivers on multiple platforms.

The management includes a simple local or remote upgrade feature that allows software updates.

'Equipped with Quad segment support, flexibility to support 10G and 1G, additional aggregation TAP ports and upgradability, the system possesses advanced network monitoring, failover and management while providing savings,' said Ben Askarinam, founder and chief executive officer at Interface Masters Technologies.

The Niagara 3218 is available for evaluation and will be in production in mid-August 2010.

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