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Product category: DC/DC Convertors
News Release from: Ideal Power | Subject: ESC Series
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 01 March 2005

DC/DC convertors take EMI filters

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New from Ideal Power is the ESC Series of 12 to 35W DC/DC power convertors.

New from Ideal Power is the ESC Series of 12 to 35W DC/DC power convertors The new ESC modules are believed to be one of the first power modules with a built-in input filter to meet the conducted EMI limits of EN55022 Class B or FCC Part 15J, Level B, without added external components

The modules offer a low-EMI replacement for the popular 2 x 2in standard packages in 60% of the size with higher efficiency and the same pinout.

The modules not only save the 40% footprint but also save the space required by the external EMI filter network.

The modules can be used in distributed power or intermediate bus architectures in data processing, wireless, enterprise, access or optical networking equipment.

The ESC modules deliver up to 10A, converting 18-36 or 36-75V input to a precisely regulated, single output from 15 to 1.5V.

The modules achieve full-load efficiency of 89% at 3.3V output voltage.

The ESC convertors offer a small size and low profile, measuring just 30.48 x 50.8 x 8.9mm.

A low-radiated-EMI, six-sided, metal shielding construction offers exceptional thermal performance, capitalising on a small footprint with the ability to operate in tightly packed card environments.

The through-hole package has a pinout that is compatible with the popular industry standard.

All ESC Series modules offer output-current limiting and protection against output overvoltage, short circuit, input undervoltage and overtemperature.

The modules are capable of operating in case temperatures ranging from -40 to +100C.

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