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IDC Technologies

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46 Central Road
Worcester Park

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Listing of all 22 news releases from IDC Technologies:

Troubleshooting workshop leads electronics courses

IDC Technologies' schedule of one-, two- and three-day workshops for 2007 includes a range of topics targeted at engineers and technicians.

News from IDC Technologies (19 January 2007)

Systems protection course tours UK venues

A two day workshop addresses "Lightning, surge protection and earthing of electrical and electronic systems in industrial networks".

News from IDC Technologies ( 9 August 2006)

Workshop explains fundamentals of telecomms

IDC Technologies is running a 2 day workshop on "Practical fundamentals of telecommunications and wireless communications" in London, Manchester and Glasgow during June 2006.

News from IDC Technologies (22 May 2006)

Course addresses practicalities of EMC

A 2-day workshop entitled "Practical shielding, EMC/EMI, noise reduction, earthing and circuit board layout" will run in Edinburgh and Manchester during May 2006.

News from IDC Technologies (22 March 2006)