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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Jul 28, 2008

Users of the Aspen Optical Ethernet Configurator only need to choose the switch models they wish to connect and the distance between them.

Aspen Optics has released a configuration tool for system integrators and internet service providers (ISPs) to generate solutions for fibre network connection.

This configuration tool is capable of giving instant recommendations on how to connect fibre networks.

This will dramatically speed up tasks that previously involved trial and error.

Network quality and cost-effectiveness is ensured with the best options for connection generated automatically.

The Aspen Optical Ethernet Configurator is open for public use.

Users only need to choose the switch models they wish to connect and the distance between them.

The configuration engine will automatically recommend the best options based on customer input.

For every situation, the tool will fully consider the specifications of that piece of hardware, compatibility, interoperability, transmission mode and the distance to be connected.

System integrators ISP and distributors can contact Aspen Optics if they wish to employ the configuration tool on their own websites.

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