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News Release from: Imagination Technologies
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 8 February 2005

TI signs up
for new-generation graphics core

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Texas Instruments has licensed Imagination's PowerVR MBX Lite graphics core for integration into a new range of applications processors based on its OMAP 2 architecture for mobile phones

This deal extends the existing collaboration between Imagination Technologies and TI that has already seen another member of Imagination's mobile graphics family, namely the PowerVR MBX graphics core, integrated into TI's OMAP 2 architecture. Imagination and TI will be showing the groundbreaking capabilities of TI's OMAP 2 architecture and PowerVR MBX, including compelling demonstrations and content for the platform, at 3GSM (Cannes, 14th to 17th February) and GDC (San Francisco, 7th to 11th March).

'The combination of the cost-efficient PowerVR MBX Lite with TI's OMAP 2 architecture allows TI to bring console-quality gaming content to a broader range of mobile terminals based on the OMAP 2 architecture', said Paul Werp, Worldwide Director of Marketing, TI Cellular Systems.

'The expanded range of terminals, coupled with full support for industry standards OpenGL ES and M3G Java, will enable a seamless gaming content platform for content creators and owners on the OMAP 2 architecture'.

'We have been most impressed with TI's implementation of PowerVR MBX on the OMAP 2 architecture and believe the resulting devices will provide a state-of-the-art graphics experience'.

'We are delighted that TI, a leader in the wireless semiconductor market, is building on our existing co-operation and extending their deployment of PowerVR MBX.

This important extension of our collaboration will enable advanced graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art gaming content to be brought to an even wider range of mobile handsets and their users', said Hossein Yassaie, CEO, Imagination Technologies.

The PowerVR MBX Lite and PowerVR MBX IP cores are members of Imagination's low-power and high performance graphics processor family.

PowerVR MBX Lite is specifically developed to meet the growing multimedia needs of ultra-low power, cost-sensitive system-on-chip (SoC) applications such as mainstream mobile phones and handheld gaming devices.

When used with embedded microprocessor cores, PowerVR MBX Lite enables the migration of complex 3D/2D graphics and video content to such platforms.

The PowerVR MBX graphics processor targets more advanced and higher end mobile devices and PDAs as well as graphics requirements in other embedded consumer systems.

PowerVR MBX Lite has all the inherent benefits of the PowerVR architecture, including low memory bandwidth, exceptional performance, market leading image quality and low power demands.

About PowerVR MBX Lite PowerVR designs 2D and 3D graphics technologies for use across a wide variety of consumer platforms, from games consoles, arcade machines and personal computers to mobile devices and set top boxes.

The PowerVR approach to 3D graphics starts from the premise that taking a different algorithmic approach to 3D processing can eliminate all redundant processing and memory bottlenecks.

This revolutionary approach keeps as much processing as possible on-chip minimising costly accesses to off chip memory and improving performance.

This unique technique of tile-based deferred texturing has been successfully patented worldwide.

PowerVR MBX Lite includes all the features of the latest generation of the PowerVR MBX family including programmable vertex shading, FSAA4Free full screen anti aliasing, PVR-TC texture compression, ITC internal 32bit precision, T and L, Dot3 per pixel lighting, and curved surface support.

PowerVR MBX Lite enables advanced graphics features previously found exclusively in the desktop space - such as per-pixel lighting, cell shading, vertex skinning and spherical harmonics - to be migrated to mobile devices.

PowerVR MBX Lite is ready to enable a content revolution in mobile gaming.

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