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Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac

36-38 Waterloo Road
Telephone: (UK) +44 208 450 8033

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Listing of all 28 news releases from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac:

Connectors handle extreme environments

Hypertac's SnapTac connectors upgrade commercial Ethernet, USB and IEEE1394 interconnects to Mil Spec performance.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (13 September 2007)

Small connectors handle large curents

HBB connectors are particularly suitable for electric drives used in fighting vehicles, weapons systems and ground-based and airborne avionics systems.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (13 September 2007)

Springs bring superior electrical performance

Spring-loaded contacts improve signal integrity, raise reliability and current density, and deliver improved parametric stability over time.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (25 June 2007)

Connectors are lighter than micro-Ds

High-density signal data connectors save weight and space in avionics and similar applications.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (17 May 2007)

Railway signal connectors are shielded against EMI

Shielded connector meets emerging needs for high-speed signal interconnections in railway applications, such as the communication networks made available to passengers within coaches.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Hypertac (21 February 2007)

Connectors handle frequent mating and unmating

Low insertion force connectors combine high reliability and ease of assembly