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HiTek Power

Hawthorn Road
BN17 7LT
Telephone: (UK) +44 1903 712400

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Small power supply meets X-ray needs

The XRG70 is supplied from a 24V DC rail and provides up to 60kV for the X-ray tube anode with a maximum current of 1.2mA.

News from HiTek Power ( 5 May 2008)

Power modules generate high voltages for X-rays

High-voltage modules are powered from a 24V DC input and supply up to 60W of output power at 30, 40 or 50kV, depending on model.

News from HiTek Power (20 March 2008)

X-ray power supplies protect costly tubes

Supplies have been designed for use as components in industrial and analytical X-ray systems and low-energy industrial radiography applications.

News from HiTek Power (24 January 2008)

PSU plant meets environmental mark

HiTek Power has been granted ISO14001:2004 environmental registration for its UK manufacturing facility in Littlehampton.

News from HiTek Power ( 6 July 2007)

X-ray power supplies come together

X-ray power supplies offer maximum output voltages up to 90kV and are offered in variants that can be powered from the mains or a DC input.

News from HiTek Power (11 May 2007)

Robust high voltage power supplies in rack mounts

The OL20K 20kW family of robust high-voltage power supplies, offers output voltages from 60 to 200kV and beyond.

News from HiTek Power (12 March 2007)

Supply suits ion implanter manufacturers

HiTek Power has introduced a dual 5kV/60kV rack-mounted power supp