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News Release from: William Hughes | Subject: PCB test points
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 17 April 2007

PCB test points go lead-free

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All PCB test points from William Hughes are now bright acid tin plated, totally eliminating the lead content in compliance with the RoHS Directive

All PCB test points from William Hughes are now lead free to meet the RoHS Directive. The test points are now bright acid tin plated, totally eliminating the lead content. They have always been preplated as standard to make them easier to solder into the PCB and prevent the formation of 'tin whiskers', which can cause a short circuit between components.

The new test points are just as easy to use.

William Hughes test points are ideal for the design and development engineer working on prototype or small quantity printed circuit board production, providing a quick and reliable connection to test points on a printed circuit board.

Featuring a large loop for easy probe attachment and bowed legs for quick insertion into the board without damage to a plated through hole, the phosphor bronze spring strip is bright acid tin plated.

A special glass bead gives a high resistance to thermal shock and a choice of eight standard colours enables individual test points to be quickly identified when installed on the board.

William Hughes PCB test points are available in three popular sizes.

Popular as terminals too, the test points are also ideal as mounts for components that may need scheduled replacement, or for elevating heat-generating elements above the PCB surface.

Test points can be shipped in large or small quantities, bagged as required, for both prototype and volume production.

For applications that require a test point style outside the standard range, there is a choice of special colours and a custom design service is also available. Request a free brochure from William Hughes....

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