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Heim Data Systems

PO Box N
NJ 07719
Telephone: (USA) +1 732 556 2318

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Listing of all 15 news releases from Heim Data Systems:

The potential of digital flight data recording

 Technical background article   Digital technology has the potential to greatly enhance the accuracy and manageability of flight data recording while significantly lowering the cost, says Richard Bond.

News from Heim Data Systems (24 January 2007)

Acquisition and telemetry group comes together

The Zodiac Group has finalised the union of three of its US technology group operations to create Zodiac Data Systems.

News from Heim Data Systems (13 November 2006)

Data recorder meets aerospace interface specs

The D200f system now supports the IRIG106 Chapter 10 standard.

News from Heim Data Systems (30 August 2006)

Heim Data Systems enhances D5000 series

Compact, High Bit Rate Recorders with Modular Signal Interfacing and Choice of Media