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Hitachi High-Technolgies (Electronic Components)

Whitebrook Park
Lower Cookham Road
Telephone: (UK) +44 1628 585383

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Listing of all 13 news releases from Hitachi High-Technolgies (Electronic Components):

PCI card decodes HDTV at 200Mbit/s

Hitachi High-Technologies has released the world's first professional HDTV MPEG2 decoder PCI card capable of decoding HD MPEG-2 TS streams of up to 200Mbit/s.

News from Hitachi High-Technolgies (Electronic Components) (12 January 2005)

Stand-alone fingerprint ID modules get faster

The UniFinger SFM 3000 is a high performance stand-alone fingerprint module equipped with Suprema's FVC2004 winning fingerprint recognition algorithm running on a powerful DSP engine.

News from Hitachi High-Technolgies (Electronic Components) ( 8 November 2004)

MPEG-2 encoder features in news-gathering system

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