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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Sep 28, 2007

Support for CANopen, IEEE1588 and EtherNet/IP protocols will feature in the next release of Green Hills Software's Platform for Industrial Safety.

Green Hills Software and Ixxat are working together to add support for CANopen, IEEE1588 and EtherNet/IP protocols to Green Hills Software's industry leading Platform for Industrial Safety.

As the backbone for communications in many industrial, medical and automotive devices today, these protocols can now execute safely and reliably when combined with Green Hills Software's RTOSs that are well known for their pedigree and experience for use in the safety and security markets.

"Freescale's 32bit PowerQUICC processors work with proven DSO technology from Green Hills to enable creation of world-class industrial automation, medical, avionics, and defence products that run some of the most demanding protocols in the industry", says Glenn Beck, Industrial marketing manager for Freescale.

"With this expanded support, Freescale Semiconductor and Green Hills Software are in a position to further reduce product time to market while increasing device reliability".

The Green Hills Software Platform for Industrial Safety combines the following components: the Multi integrated development environment and TimeMachine tool suite - providing the industry leading tool set for embedded software developers; Green Hills C/C++ and MISRA C compilers - generating the fastest and smallest code in the industry; Integrity and Velosity real-time operating systems, with optional certification by TUV to the EN61508 standard at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3); the micro-Velosity real-time operating system - providing industry leading performance, minimal memory (less than 1.6Kbyte) and power-saving footprint for resource-constrained and cost-sensitive devices; optional middleware to support networking, USB, graphics, databases and more; the Green Hills Probe - providing reliable and efficient debugging using the microprocessor's JTAG port; and optional system/software consulting, development and certification services.

"Developing and deploying software for these devices has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive process", says Dan Mender, Director Business Development, Green Hills Software.

"The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety provides a complete solution for building the software components of safe, secure, and reliable systems, even those that require certification up to the demanding IEC/EN61508 Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4)".

The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety is available now.

These additional protocols will be commercially available for the Platform for Industrial Safety in 3Q 2007.

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