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News Release from: Green Hills Software | Subject: Green Hills Software Integrity
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 6 September 2007

Operating system takes
advantage of new processor

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Integrity PC works with Intel vPro processor technology to perform a secure boot in which the PC hardware, BIOS, and Integrity kernel are measured

Green Hills Software has extended its Integrity PC secure operating system technology to take advantage of new security features in desktop PCs powered by the latest Intel vPro processor technology. Green Hills Software's Integrity is the first operating system to undergo a high assurance Common Criteria security evaluation.

The operating system depends on the underlying hardware in order to realise its security policies.

Intel vPro processor technology substantially enhances and simplifies the hardware root of trust required to establish a secure state for the platform.

Integrity PC works with Intel vPro processor technology to perform a secure boot in which the PC hardware, BIOS, and Integrity kernel are measured to provide trust in the execution environment.

'We are excited about the silicon security innovations packed into Intel's vPro', commented David Kleidermacher, Chief Technology Officer, Green Hills Software.

'Intel has solved foundational trust problems that have prevented secure operating systems from completing their mission on off the shelf PCs'.

'With Integrity PC and Intel vPro processor technology, the PC platform can sustain applications and information requiring the highest levels of protection without sacrificing performance'.

Green Hills Software's Integrity PC is a software platform designed for the military, intelligence, financial, medical, and other critical infrastructure communities where PC users must manage and protect high-value information.

Integrity PC is based on the safety and security-certified Integrity real-time operating system and incorporates a suite of secure software components, including Green Hills Software's Padded Cell virtualisation software.

Padded Cell, optimised with Intel virtualisation technology, enables multiple guest operating systems - such as Windows, Linux and Solaris - and their applications to be run in secure partitions on the same computer.

The resulting platform enables systems designers to build the most security-critical applications and run them alongside familiar operating environments, saving cost, size, weight, and power over multiple hardware platforms.

Military and intelligence communities struggle with the burden of maintaining separate computers and networks to manage information at varying sensitivity levels.

Integrity PC enables the consolidation of computers and networks, yielding enormous savings in size, weight, power and cost.

Integrity PC manages information at multiple security levels, includes a cross-domain information transfer framework, provides a trusted path for the shared keyboard and mouse devices, and includes a multi-factor authentication mechanism.

Intel vPro processor technology, powered by the Intel Core2 Duo processor, adds a new level of security and reliability to desktop PCs.

Intel vPro processor technology's security and management features include Intel Virtualisation Technology (VT), Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT), and Intel Active Management Technology (AMT).

'Green Hills Integrity PC software and Intel's security and virtualisation technologies work together to provide compelling new platform security and management capabilities', said Gregory Bryant, Vice President, Digital Enterprise Group and General Manager, Digital Office Platform Division, Intel.

Integrity PC runs on commercial, off the shelf (COTS) PC-compatible platforms.

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