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News Release from: Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe | Subject: Leo FR-V
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 16 February 2001

Leo aims at
European navigation applications

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Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe is releasing its Leo FR-V (Fujitsu RISC-VLIW) chip, based on the FR-V architecture announced last year

The Leo chip is designed around Fujitsu's FR500 core and dedicated purely to the European navigation marketplace. Co-ordinated by Fujitsu Microelectronics in Frankfurt (FME), the design of the chip is being carried out by Fujitsu Microelectronics in Israel (FMIS), where the well-known SparcLite was produced.

Built using the powerful FR500, 32bit, four-way VLIW core with media and graphics enhancements, Leo is 100% software compatible with Fujitsu's MB93501 and is both modular and expandable, with the memory management unit being ARM compatible with Windows CE support.

The device operates at a low cost to the system, with an internal frequency of 266MHz, and features an external flexible and simple 32bit system bus operating at 66MHz, 1.8V, and a set of generic and automotive specific peripherals.

Fujitsu's FR-V architecture is exceptional as it is able to execute parallel instructions.

The compiler rather than the processor is responsible for guaranteeing simultaneous issuing of each packet.

Leo features six execution units on its processor: two integer units; two floating point units and two media execution units, all running in parallel, and its compiler decides which unit is going to carry out a command using the VLIW (very long instruction word) concept.

The CPU core provides a peak performance of 1064MIPS, 1.064GFLOPS or 4256MOPS at 266MHz (integer operation, floating-point and media), providing the possibility for more functionality and/or lower frequency operation.

Integrated within the design is an advanced SDRAM controller with a maximum bandwidth of 1Gbyte/s.

This is over an extended temperature range of -40 to 85C.

The chip design includes two caches - a four-way, dual ported 16Kbyte instruction cache, and a four-way, dual ported 16Kbyte data cache which is nonblocking, and has write back or write through functions.

A wide variety of peripheral functions are also featured and include: four UARTs; two CAN bus; SIO; I2C; 18 general-purpose IOs; three timers; a watchdog; two PWMs; three interval timers; eight interrupts; a real-time clock and a graphics display controller, supported by direct connection to Fujitsu's Cremson.

In addition to these an interface to a MOST transceiver of 25Mbyte/s is also included which allows the possibility of connecting multimedia over an optical bus.

Designed using 0.18 micron technology, the chip operates from a supply voltage of 1.8V internal/3.3V external, and has a power consumption of 2.5W at 266MHz.

Power management features of slow and stop mode can be used to lower the current.

The device is housed in a 320-pin FBGA, and JTAG and boundary scan test is applied to all I/O pins except for the SDRAM.

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