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Fujikura Europe

C51 Barwell Business Park
Leatherhead Road
Telephone: (UK) +44 20 8240 2000

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Listing of all 16 news releases from Fujikura Europe:

Cost-effective optical tester comes to hand

OTDR combines an optical power meter, laser source and visual fault locator in a handheld package that weighs just 800g.

News from Fujikura Europe (22 November 2007)

LC optical connectors improve port density

The LC optical connector variant has a smaller footprint than existing SC and ST connector types, allowing access gateway vendors to increase fibre port density.

News from Fujikura Europe (11 September 2007)

Mechanical splicer claims outstanding usability

Universal mechanical splice system is capable of splicing all standard telecomms fibre from 250 to 900um with a single-handed action.

News from Fujikura Europe ( 7 August 2007)

Fusion splicer aids fibre optic applications

Fujikura Europe LDF series is capable of splicing all types of fibre currently available.

News from Fujikura Europe (31 July 2007)

Radiation-resistant fibre for particle accelerator

 User application article