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Forte Design Systems

100 Century Center Court
Suite 100
San Jose
CA 95112
Telephone: (USA) +1 408-487-9340

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Listing of all 19 news releases from Forte Design Systems:

Synthesisable building blocks jumpstart designs

The latest version of Cynthesizer is billed as the first high-level synthesis product to offer a direct path from high-level SystemC to GDSII.

News from Forte Design Systems (28 May 2007)

Big guns commit to behavioural synthesis

Three major customers have expanded their adoption of Forte's Cynthesiser behavioural synthesis product by signing multiple-year licence agreements.

News from Forte Design Systems (24 January 2007)

Dart and Cline rise to new roles

Promotions at Forte Design Systems see Sean Dart named President and CEO, and Brett Cline moved up to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

News from Forte Design Systems (22 December 2006)

Investors support ESL expansion

Forte Design Systems has closed a series D round of financing in the amount of $5.4 million.

News from Forte Design Systems (21 December 2006)

System level synthesis supports SystemC TLM

Cynthesiser v3.0 is the first ESL synthesis product to add support for SystemC transaction