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News Release from: Frontier Silicon
Subject: Chorus FS1010
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 6 October 2004

Chorus chip enables new low cost DAB radio

The Chorus chip is powering the latest major new innovation in DAB digital radio.

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The Chorus chip is powering the latest major new innovation in DAB digital radio. The novel Revo product announced this week by Revo Digital is the first product that allows users to install DAB digital radio in the car and increase listener choice in the car to over 160 channels with hiss-free broadcasts - without the need to change the entire existing car audio system. The new Revo product is unique in that it can be installed in any type of vehicle, and with any pre-installed audio.

Frontier Silicon's Chorus chip is at the heart of this product in the form of the company's Venice module, which delivers market-leading DAB radio performance, complete with customised firmware that provides the Revo with some of its market advantages.

Using the Venice module minimises the development scope of a DAB digital radio, drastically reducing time to market while enabling manufacturers to deliver high performance products.

The Chorus FS1010 baseband processor at the heart of the Venice module performs the DAB demodulation and protocol stack, and also contains the key on-chip peripherals such as the LCD controller, keypad interface and digital audio interfaces.

Venice also includes a highly sensitive RF front end.

This combination makes Venice an ideal solution for innovative products such as Revo.

Revo Digital's Managing Director David Baxter said: "Frontier Silicon proved to be the perfect technology partner - their assistance in customisation of the Venice DAB module for automotive use proved to be invaluable".

Steve Evans, Vice President of Sales at Frontier Silicon added: "We are delighted that Revo Digital selected our Chorus DAB chip".

"Revo is an exciting product concept which will accelerate the rate at which DAB is installed in cars".

"To be the core technology block in this innovative product presents us with an opportunity to further enhance sales and maintain our number one position in DAB processor sales".

David Baxter explains the reasoning behind the creation of Revo: "The DAB digital radio market has long been crying out for an in-car digital radio product that can be used in any make and model of car".

"The current batch of car stereo sized DAB radios conform to the outmoded DIN size chassis standard and simply can't be installed into the vast majority of new and used cars, where nonstandard size integrated audio systems are now the norm".

"The launch of Revo will finally open up the world of DAB digital radio to the majority of the UK's motoring public".

Revo will make its first public appearance at the MPH 04 show (London's showcase for the world's best prestige and performance cars, with Jeremy Clarkson of The Sunday Times and other celebrities presenting) at Earls Court on Thursday 18th November 2004, before officially going on sale in the UK on 1st December 2004.

Revo connects to the vehicle's existing audio system and comes complete with everything required to install in the car and can be positioned in a number of locations inside the vehicle.

The Revo unit itself can slide in and out of its powered mounting cradle in seconds for easy removal, allowing it to be used between multiple vehicles (by purchasing additional car kits) or in other environments such as in the home or on the move, with the aid of the optional Revo home and mobile kits.

The radio can be DIY installed or alternatively users can use Revo Digital's fixed priced nationwide installation service.

Pricing for Revo has been set at GBP 199.95 including VAT, with the nationwide installation service fixed at GBP 49.95 including VAT.

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