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News Release from: Frontier Silicon
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 10 September 2004

Module powers new generation of DAB digital radios

The launch of "The Bug" by Pure Digital in May this year raised the stakes for the capabilities of DAB digital radios.

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The launch of "The Bug" by Pure Digital in May this year raised the stakes for the capabilities of DAB digital radios: combining DAB with record, pause, rewind and playback capability plus the ability to play MP3 files downloaded from a SD card in an innovative and original design, making it the most sophisticated digital radio product currently available. Powering The Bug is the Venice FS2020 DAB module, the market-leading DAB digital radio solution from Frontier Silicon. A key advantage of the Venice module is the multipurpose Chorus DAB baseband and multimedia processor.

Based on the powerful META multithreaded DSP from Imagination Technologies, Chorus offers the most efficient DAB baseband solution on the market, while also enabling value added applications to be run without the addition of a separate processor.

In The Bug all of the processing tasks are performed by Chorus, including DAB demodulation, time-shifting features (record, rewind and other features), MP3 decode and user interface.

This combination of dedicated hardware for DAB and a flexible multithreaded DSP make Chorus the ideal choice for complex and highly featured DAB products like The Bug.

Today Venice has proved to be the most popular DAB solution on the market with over 50 different DAB radio products using it as a complete RF and baseband solution for digital radio.

With the introduction of a triband (DAB Band III and L Band, FM) version of the Venice module in 2004, manufacturers are able to take advantage of the advanced baseband features enabled by Chorus in radios that are being developed for markets where L Band spectrum is being used for DAB broadcasts.

The addition of FM capability in software also offers developers a route to reduce system cost through removal of the FM tuner.

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