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Finisar Corp

1308 Moffett Park Drive
Telephone: (USA) +1-408-542-4243

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Optical cables slash power needs

Laserwire uses fibre optic technology for the transmission of data while reducing the weight, density and power consumption of copper wire.

News from Finisar Corp (13 November 2007)

Optical products offer copper alternative

The Longwave fibre channel SFP+ 1310nm transceivers support 1.4km and 10km transmission over single-mode fibre.

News from Finisar Corp (18 September 2007)

Optical components improve reliability

Finisar's angled receptacle isolators provide an efficient, cost-effective means to protect laser components from unwanted back-reflections.

News from Finisar Corp (12 September 2007)

Optical subassembly pairs cut costs

Fabry-Perot laser diodes substantially reduce overall transceiver power consumption.

News from Finisar Corp (11 September 2007)

Transmitters offer long reach and high power

The DM80 and DM200 are the world's first narrowly tunable 10Gbit/s transmitters to offer long reach and high output power in a 13-pin butterfly package.

News from Finisar Corp (24 August 2007)

10 million optical transceivers shipped in a year

Finisar shipped 10 million optical transceivers/transponders shipped in calendar year 2006, up nearly 30% over the previous year.

News from Finisar Corp (30 March 2007)

Optical modules produce 220m error-free link

Optical modules offer a robust mechanical bail-latch design, excellent optical and electrical performance, and Finisar's patented digital diagnostics capability.

News from Finisar Corp (29 March 2007)

Finisar acquires Azna and Kodeos Communications

Acquisitions add key technologies involving advanced modulation and electronic signal pr