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Fluke Networks

Egale 1, Floor 1 80 St Albans Road
WD17 1RP
Telephone: (UK) +44 1923 281 300

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Listing of all 28 news releases from Fluke Networks:

Fluke releases VDV cable tester

Fluke Networks has launched the Micromapper Pro VDV cable tester, with a one-button Quick Check test that reduces installation time and callbacks.

News from Fluke Networks ( 6 October 2008)

Kits clean up on fibre testing

Microscope quickly aligns the inspection probe with either fibre ports or patch cord connectors to greatly increase the speed and efficiency of fibre inspection.

News from Fluke Networks (11 December 2007)

Ethernet analyser cuts testing costs

MetroScope includes a low-cost, Gigabit LinkReflector remote tester that lets carriers perform complete SLA testing with full control from one end of the link.

News from Fluke Networks (10 October 2007)

Network analyser offers expert troubleshooting

Users can now see new views of network traffic, including round trip network latency, plus the response time of the far end server.

News from Fluke Networks ( 2 October 2007)

Network test option spots spyware

The NetSecure option helps users detect rogue applications like spyware, adware, and viruses during network connectivity and performance tests.

News from Fluke Networks ( 7 September 2007)

Cable analyser adds extended fibre coverage

Full-featured optical time domain reflectometer module snaps onto any DTX CableAnalyzer.

News from Fluke Networks (19 June 2007)

Company sponsors skills competition

The WorldSkills Competition draws the best students from regional and national skill competitions held currently in over 45 countries/regions.

News from Fluke Networks (10 April 2007)

Network multimeter tackles Gigabit Ethernet

Network multimeter gives technicians the power to troubleshoot Gigabit Ethernet links, resolve 802.1X security conflicts, and provide comprehensive link status test reports.

News from Fluke Networks (28 March 2007)

New president for networking test equipment maker

Paul Caragher has become President of the leading networking test equipment maker Fluke Networks, joining from Hach Lange, a company specialising in equipment that tests water quality

News from Fluke Networks (12 March 2007)

Analyser evolves to handle power over Ethernet

The DTX CableAnalyzer can now validate twisted-pair cabling links that use midspan power-over-Ethernet controllers, in accordance with TIA/EIA standards.

News from Fluke Networks (15 February 2007)

Network analyser integrates full functionality

Fluke Networks has added several new capabilities to its market-leading OptiView integrated network analyser.

News from Fluke Networks (19 January 2007)

Acquisition expands network performance lineup

Fluke Networks has acquired Dublin-based Crannog Software.

News from Fluke Networks (18 January 2007)

Handheld tester hunts out rogue wireless devices

Fluke Networks has added new capabilities to its award-winning EtherScope Series II Network Assistant.

News from Fluke Networks (13 November 2006)

Network tester is quick to find fault

Inline network tester is claimed to identify and isolate enterprise network and application connectivity problems more than four times faster than traditional methods.

News from Fluke Networks (24 October 2006)

Cable analyser moves up to 10Gbit/s testing

World's first 10Gbit/s Ethernet cable testing solution for copper, combines popular DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer certification tester with the new DTX 10 Gig Kit.

News from Fluke Networks (11 October 2006)

OTDR certifies mission-critical fibre links

Test modules and software for the OptiFiber Certifying OTDR increase versatility and convenience for users, helping ensure the performance of mission-critical fibre links.

News from Fluke Networks (15 September 2006)

The art of managing application performance

Fluke Networks is holding a series of half-day workshops on "The art of managing application performance".

News from Fluke Networks ( 2 March 2006)

Workshops explain wireless LAN management

Half-day workshops enhance knowledge of WLAN performance management, troubleshooting and VoIP lifecycle management and offer a general overview of service performance management.

News from Fluke Networks ( 1 March 2006)

Acquisition adds to VoIP lifecycle management

Fluke Networks has closed its acquisition of Visual Networks.

News from Fluke Networks (13 February 2006)

Network analyser has international appeal

The EtherScope Network Assistant, the portable problem-solving tool for both gigabit and wireless a/b/g LANs, now allows the user to select from seven different languages.

News from Fluke Networks (20 January 2006)

Network analyser adds VoIP option

Ethernet analyser adds wireless coverage

Network analyser adds real-time VoIP diagnostics

VoIP tester in the front line

Streamlined approach to network monitoring

Appliance analyses network traffic

Technicians certified for cable testing

Handheld tester checks out cable bandwidth


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