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News Release from: Flint | Subject: GPG320X3X240-NCNDSCW3
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 10 January 2003

Colour display at a monochrome price

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New colour STN displays from Flint offer a highly cost-effective way of adding colour to instrumentation displays, at only a little more than the cost of a mono graphics module

Ideal for scales, industrial controls and instruments, process control and similar applications, the GPG320X3X240-NCNDSCW3 displays provide a real opportunity to lift the appearance of the top end of a range of products. These 5.7in modules feature the same mechanical dimensions as other GPO QVGA modules, making it entirely feasible to implement mono displays on base models, and add colour to higher end equipment.

GPO's new displays feature 4K colours, and offer a contrast ratio of 30.

Using FSTN, negative, transmissive technology, they are available with a 100cd/m2 CCFL backlight, and only require a single 5V power supply.

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Plastic and aluminium enclosures and housings