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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Oct 30, 2002

A new range of miniature thick-film chip resistors is available form Flint at a price around 6% of equivalent thin-film devices.

Flint has opened precision 0.5% tolerance resistor technology to more cost- and space-sensitive handheld applications, following the introduction of a range of miniature thick-film chip resistors at a price around 6% of equivalent thin-film devices.

The new 0.5% tolerance Rohm MCR03EZPD resistor chips from Flint are based on metal oxide thick film construction, providing high reliability at an extremely competitive cost.

The new tolerance is available on values from 100ohm to 910kohm.

The resistors feature a ruthenium oxide thick film, and have a temperature coefficient of 50 or 100ppm/degC, depending on the ohmic value.

Flint has stock of these resistors on tape and reel, in the standard 0603 chip size.

Like Rohm's existing 1 and 5% tolerance MCR03 resistor chips, this new precision range is rated for 0.1W at 70C, and is designed for use at temperatures between 55 and 155C.

For very high precision applications, Flint still recommends the higher cost thin-film resistor technology, offering tolerances down to 0.25% at 25ppm/degC.

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