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Low-cost ADSL transformers for leading chipsets

A Flint product story
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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 4, 2001

New low-profile low-cost transformers from Flint are designed to deliver good balance and frequency response with low distortion for ADSL applications.

New low-profile low-cost transformers from Flint are designed to deliver good balance and frequency response with low distortion for ADSL applications.

They are compatible with ADSL chipsets from CML and other major manufacturers to support ADSL over POTS and ISDN in customer premises equipment (CPE) and at the exchange.

The transformers are designed and manufactured by Etal, with whom Flint announced a distribution agreement in 2000.

Each is certified to relevant IEC, EN and UL standards and is also supported by IEC, CSA and BABT certificates.

With ADSL services now targeting increasingly price-sensitive subscribers, Flint now presents a cost-effective range of direct replacements for existing transformers for use with chipsets from Alcatel, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Conexant and other leading manufacturers of telecom silicon.

The P3900 to P3911, plus P3920 are miniature surface mountable transformers that comply with the industry standard 10-pin 17.15 x 12.9mm footprint, with a height of 12.2mm.

The through hole P3930, P3931, P3932, P3933 meet the industry standard 10-pin through hole package footprint, measuring 13.6 x 13.3mm.

The P2883 and P2884 are ultra low profile 6-pin packages designed for slimline ADSL equipment.

The P3900 is a direct replacement for 50768R, C1308 and B2064 components in Alcatel DynaMiTe CPE, ITeX Apollo 2, SAM CPE and ADSL over POTS applications.

It is compatible with Alcatel, ITeX, Virata and STMicroelectronics chipsets.

The P3901, also suitable for use with Alcatel DynaMiTe CPE chips, is designed for ADSL over ISDN applications and displays low leakage inductance of 5mH.

The P3902 and P3903 partner Texas Instruments chipsets in exchange and CPE environments to support ADSL over POTS.

They are direct replacements for the 2:1 C2242 and 1.42:1 C1604 transformer types respectively.

Inductance is 1.5mH, with leakage inductance 15mH.

The P3904 and P3905 replace the C1604 and C1972/C1208, respectively, in exchange and CPE applications based on Analog Devices AD20msp918 or Centillium L22SU15 chipsets.

The P3906 Conexant-compatible transformer replaces 6A465 and C1658 components in CPE applications, while the P3907 is a direct replacement for the C1184 in ADSL over POTS at the exchange.

The P3908 is a 1:1 transformer, compatible with Globespan G7000 CPE.

It replaces C1641 and B2088 transformers in CP equipment supporting ADSL over POTS.

The P3910 is designed for use with Centillium chipsets in CPE applications, and replaces the C1926, while the Virata-compatible C3911 is intended as a replacement for 6A420 and C1971 transformers.

The P3920 is a low distortion transformer intended for Conexant HDSL chipsets such as BT8921 and BT8970.

It has a 2:1 turns ration and replaces C1561 and 50430R transformer types.

Through-hole-mounted transformers include the P3930 and P3931 designed, respectively, for exchange and CPE applications with Conexant and Conexant Access Runner chipsets for ADSL over POTS.

They are direct replacements for C1796 exchange transformers and C1571, 6A445 and ATS-428 CPE transformers.

The P3932 is a 2:1 ADSL over POTS transformer targeted at low cost, ADSL applications demanding optimum performance.

The P2883 and P2884 are 40mH 1:1/1:2 and 2:1 transformers for low profile ADSL, satisfying ADSL performance requirements in a miniature package with a high level of safety insulation.

The ultra-low-profile, 6-pin through hole package measures just 7.00mm maximum height, with a component footprint of 14.3 x 13.9mm.

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