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Next generation battery cuts out NRE costs

Recently launched by Varta Microbattery and now in stock at Flint Distribution, the Varta Easypack is billed as the ideal solution for next generation battery requirements.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 August 2005

Power MOSFETs come in ultracompact packages

Rohm Electronics is significantly enlarging its ultracompact power-MOSFET lineup, which already encompasses 60 different devices.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 August 2005

Flint scoops fourth Hirose distributor award

Connector manufacturer Hirose really pulled out all the stops, last month, with a distribution technology conference held at the beautiful and historic Bletchley Park.

News from Electronicstalk, 17 August 2004

3M Interconnect Solutions awards franchise

3M Interconnect Solutions has signed Flint Distribution to distribute its range throughout the UK.

News from Electronicstalk, 28 April 2004

New name for batteries

Varta Microbattery has rebranded of standard alkaline, nickel metal hydride and lithium round cells.

News from Electronicstalk, 20 November 2003

Passives range goes lead-free

Koa's full range of passive components is now available Pb-free.

News from Electronicstalk, 4 November 2003

MLCCs take rougher handling without cracking up

A new range of chip capacitors can handle up to 400% more mechanical stress in case sizes from 0603 to 3640.

News from Electronicstalk, 26 February 2003

Plexus praises Flint performance

Plexus Corp has named Flint as its vendor rating supplier of the year, following an objective programme to evaluate all of its suppliers based on delivery and quality performance.

News from Electronicstalk, 19 February 2003

Extended regional support for Flint

Flint has created two new Area Manager positions and hired a new Field Application Engineer to improve customer support in Ireland, Scotland and South East England.

News from Electronicstalk, 31 January 2003

Colour display at a monochrome price

New colour STN displays from Flint offer a highly cost-effective way of adding colour to instrumentation displays, at only a little more than the cost of a mono graphics module.

News from Electronicstalk, 13 January 2003

More exposure for Micrel

Micrel Semiconductor has extended its distribution network, adding Flint as a UK technical distributor covering its complete portfolio.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 December 2002

Internet anywhere - on a single chip

Flint is to help UK designers connect any office or industrial equipment, consumer electronics device or household appliance to the Internet, based on an open implementation in a single chip.

News from Electronicstalk, 2 December 2002

Intelligent serial module is Bluetooth modem

Bluetooth technology can now be added to any device with a serial port connection, following the introduction of a new fully integrated module by Flint.

News from Electronicstalk, 25 November 2002

Thick films cut the cost of precision resistors

A new range of miniature thick-film chip resistors is available form Flint at a price around 6% of equivalent thin-film devices.

News from Electronicstalk, 30 October 2002

Low-power radio modules shrink to surface mount

Flint Wireless has been appointed as UK distributor to support and promote the recently announced TileWare ultra-miniature 433.92 and 315MHz band range of transmitters, receivers and transceivers.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 October 2002

Processor offers powerful graphics

A new advanced video device combines a powerful 16bit MCU with a sophisticated on-screen display engine to deliver the performance needed for multimedia graphics in public information displays.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 October 2002

Franchise boosts opto portfolio

A new franchise from international opto specialist Kingbright has dramatically increased the range of LEDs and optoelectronic devices offered by Flint.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 September 2002

Flash disk modules replace IDE drives

New 1Gbyte Flash disk modules with 8Mbyte/s write speeds from Flint Smart support a whole range of applications.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 September 2002

Franchise brings full set of USB connectors

Following a new franchise agreement with Canadian connector manufacturer EDAC, Flint is to offer from stock a full range of USB connectors.

News from Electronicstalk, 16 September 2002

IP for embedded Bluetooth

Flint Wireless has extended its Bluetooth portfolio by adding silicon independent embedded Bluetooth IP that also includes a complete development platform.

News from Electronicstalk, 5 September 2002

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