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Address: Southampton
Telephone: () +44 2380 76 9893

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Listing of all 12 news releases from Fibercore:

Queen's Awards complete rare hat-trick

With double recognition in 2007, Fibercore has the distinction of holding all three Queen's Awards for Enterprise simultaneously.

News from Fibercore (23 April 2007)

Staff expansion removes bottlenecks

New positions have been created to resolve bottlenecks in the manufacturing, testing and distribution workflow caused by Fibercore's rapid growth.

News from Fibercore (25 September 2006)

Speciality fibres come with special qualifications

Fibercore is among the first speciality optical fibre manufacturers to offer commercially available environmental qualification and reliability testing for speciality fibres.

News from Fibercore (17 March 2006)

Software simplifies fibre amplifier design

GainMaster is a highly sophisticated design and simulation package for erbium doped fibre amplifiers (EDFAs).

News from Fibercore (25 November 2004)