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Gewerbering 6
98704 Langewiesen
Telephone: (Germany) +49 3677 8042 221

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Listing of all 15 news releases from Falcom:

Faster acquisition from integrated GPS receiver

The Navi-S is an integrated 12 parallel channel GPS receiver that features the SiRFstarII low power chipset.

News from Falcom (18 September 2003)

Antennas optimise in-vehicle applications

New from Falcom is a range of active antennas for cellular communication.

News from Falcom (16 July 2003)

GSM/GPRS module adds USB option

The Falcom C2D-USB is an embedded OEM module that provides a novel combination of state-of-the-art GSM/GPRS technology and a USB1.1 slave port.

News from Falcom (14 July 2003)

Plug and play functionality for dual-band modem

The Falcom Tango is a plug and play dual-band GSM/GPRS device for direct and easy connection to any terminal equipment that is able to handle AT-commands for modem control.

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