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Product category: Intellectual Property Cores
News Release from: Faraday Technology | Subject: FA526 and FA626TE
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 09 May 2007

RTOS port adds Japanese appeal to ARM

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ARM-compliant embedded CPU is now supported by PrKernelv4 for the Japanese embedded industry.

Faraday Technology and eSol have jointly announced that Faraday's ARM-compliant embedded CPU is now supported by eSol's microItron 4.0-compliant real-time OS (RTOS), PrKernelv4, for the Japanese embedded industry By partnering with eSol, a leading embedded software developer, now Faraday has the capability to offer not only a proven microItron RTOS but also various middleware and driver supports to its Japanese customers

microItron porting to Faraday's FA526 (ARMv4-compliant) and FA626TE (ARMv5TE-compliant) will be done by end of Q2 and Q4 2007, respectively.

Faraday is one of a few ARM ISA licensees and implements its own ARM-compliant cores, the FA CPU family, with optimised performance and minimised area and power consumption.

The FA CPU family is targeting to use in embedded, networking and multimedia SoC designs and has more than 50 ASICs under development or in production.

Following earlier partnership agreement with Oki and UMC Japan, Faraday continues its commitment in the Japan market by collaborating with eSol to deliver microItron support to its FA CPU family.

eSol has 31 years of experience serving the demanding requirements of the Japan embedded software market and with over 250 employees, it delivers total engineering service from consulting to development, testing and maintenance.

"The microItron standard is important in the Japan embedded industry".

"By collaborating with eSol, we are able to deliver microItron solutions to our customers and reinforce our commitment to the Japan market", said Jensen Yen, President of Faraday Technology Japan.

"We are excited to leverage eSol's expertise in real-time operation systems and are therefore able to provide local service directly to our customers with eSol's support".

The PrKernel v4 RTOS from eSol is a real-time kernel implementing the microItron 4.0 specification and has been used by several major microprocessor companies, including ARM and TI.

In addition, eSol provides a complete integrated development environment, and comprehensive middleware such as network protocol stacks, file systems, and USBs.

"We have been looking forward to the co-operation with Faraday".

"One of the critical requirements for using embedded processors is a robust software ecosystem to develop its product", said Nobuyuki Ueyama, Executive Vice President of Embedded Products Division at eSol.

"The collaboration of Faraday and eSol brings the benefit of the FA CPU family to the Japan embedded industry, with a well-supported software platform which shortens customer's development cycles and accelerates time to market".

PrKernelv4 for FA526 (ARMv4-compliant) and FA626TE (ARMv5TE-compliant) will be available in Q2 and Q4 2007, respectively.

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