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Product category: Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and DSPs
News Release from: Faraday Technology | Subject: FPGACompanion
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 19 February 2007

CPU chip aids ARM-based SoC design

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Faraday Technology Corp has announced the FPGACompanion (FC) CPU chip, targeted at system companies who need a full-featured ARM CPU chip that can easily be interfaced to various FPGA devices

With an embedded ARM core and on-chip peripheral functions in the FC device, ASIC customers can use FC in system level SoC design verification together with customer logic implemented on FPGA devices. Faraday's FC has been sampled at several customer sites, with general availability starting immediately.

ARM is the most pervasive non-PC processor architecture for SoC implementations.

However, lacking a device which can easily interface to an FPGA, many SoC-based designs start with either x86-, PowerPC- or MIPS-based architectures, and eventually convert to ARM-based SoCs later, requiring considerable software porting efforts.

A validation platform and initial sampling vehicle is needed by SoC designers to perform system level validation prior to SoC commitment.

Faraday's FC is tailored to fulfil these specific needs.

Customers can use FC to address fast time to market needs while at the same time mitigating system risks with the availability of an early development and production platform.

Faraday's FPGACompanion is a highly integrated silicon-proven device that integrates a 190MHz ARM processor and peripherals, with a pre-integrated AHB bus header for direct connectivity to popular FPGA devices.

The FC is architecturally compatible with Faraday's existing Peripheral Composer-1 (PC-1) structured ASIC platform.

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