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Faraday Technology

No 5 Li-Hsin Road III
Hsinchu Science Park
Hsinchu City
Telephone: +886 3 578 7888

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USB deal opens new partnership

 User application article  Faraday USB2.0 IP solutions suit applications in the mass storage, multimedia, game console and communication sectors

News from Faraday Technology (7 September 2007)

ARM core overcomes speed restrictions at 90nm

32bit RISC processor with eight pipeline stages has separate instruction/data caches and scratchpads, a write buffer, a memory management unit and a JTAG ICE interface

News from Faraday Technology (15 August 2007)

UWB MAC speeds comms with fewer pins

Ultrawideband media access controller IP enables the design of SoCs with higher transfer rates and lower pin counts

News from Faraday Technology (26 July 2007)

ASIC designs are traded optimised in RTL

Front-end tool allows designers to perform power tradeoff and optimisation at the RTL level

News from Faraday Technology (23 July 2007)

RTOS port adds Japanese appeal to ARM cores

ARM-compliant embedded CPU is now supported by PrKernelv4 for the Japanese embedded industry

News from Faraday Technology (9 May 2007)

Fabless company chooses miniLib cell library

A fabless IC design house focusing on DTV and communication fields, has chosen Faraday's miniLib cell library to develop digital TV ICs

News from Faraday Technology (23 April 2007)

Hard cores boast best price performance ratio

Faraday Technology Corp has implemented the ARM926EJ-S hard core in UMC's 0.13um process

News from Faraday Technology (3 April 2007)

CPU chip aids ARM-based SoC design

Faraday Technology Corp has announced the FPGACompanion (FC) CPU chip, targeted at system companies who need a full-featured ARM CPU chip that can easily be interfaced to various FPGA devices

News from Faraday Technology (19 February 2007)

Faraday expands commitment to ARM-based CPUs

Faraday Technology has licensed the ARM926EJ-S microprocessor and the ARMv5TEJ instruction set for its next-generation FA CPU family for embedded, networking and multimedia applications

News from Faraday Technology (2 February 2007)


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