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Listing of all 5 news releases from Fastrax:

Software cuts mobile GPS costs

While traditional GPS solutions require the integration of a hardware component, making the design more complex and adding to the cost, a software-based solution allows a faster time to market.

News from Fastrax (16 May 2008)

GPS receivers simplify the design process

The Fastrax UC322 features an innovative embedded antenna design that does not necessitate a separate large antenna ground plane.

News from Fastrax (28 January 2008)

Receiver modules increase GPS options

Receivers expand multiplatform concept, offering a common form factor between multiple OEM GPS receivers based on different chipsets.

News from Fastrax (20 June 2007)

Module finds place in compact GPS receiver

 User application article   Tritech has used the Fastrax uPatch receiver module in its new GPS Mouse product.

News from Fastrax ( 5 October 2006)

Distributors expand Asian coverage

Fastrax has signed two new distributor agreements that strengthen the company's position in the fast-growing OEM electronics market in Asia.

News from Fastrax ( 5 October 2006)


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