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Product category: Embedded Software and Operating Systems
News Release from: Express Logic | Subject: ThreadX
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 6 August 2007

RTOS covers full range of VoIP gateways

Selection of ThreadX is the further example of the ability of the RTOS to handle demanding applications in networking and communications

VegaStream Group of Bracknell, Berkshire, UK, has selected Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS for use in its new family of VoIP gateways. VegaStream's VoIP gateways enable service providers and business customers to profit from lower telephony costs and improved productivity between their organisations' headquarters and remote offices.

The award-winning Vega gateways are based on international communications standards, including SIP and H.323, and deliver an open and nonproprietary VoIP solution that can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing communications investments.

The VegaStream VoIP gateway portfolio reduces business phone bills and improves business efficiency via analogue, ISDN Basic Rate and ISDN Primary Rate interfaces for North American and European standards.

With support for analogue and digital PBX trunks and analogue and ISDN handsets, VegaStream's VoIP gateways provide an ideal complement for IP-based voice services and for connecting to service provider broadband access over DSL and cable networks.

'We selected ThreadX based on its broad market success, its simple, yet powerful technology, and its flexible licensing arrangements', says Tim Burne, CEO, VegaStream.

'Our VoIP products demand hard real-time performance, and our customers demand rapid time to market'.

'We found that ThreadX can offer us both, and at an attractive price that enables us to use it throughout our gateway family'.

'VegaStream's selection of ThreadX is the latest example of the ability of ThreadX to handle demanding applications in networking and communications', commented William E Lamie, President of Express Logic.

'ThreadX has met our customers' needs in all sorts of industries from networking to consumer to industrial and medical, even space exploration'.

'ThreadX is flexible, and we're pleased to provide VegaStream with the ability to support its latest family of VoIP products'.

ThreadX is Express Logic's small, fast, royalty-free RTOS for demanding real-time applications.

Its royalty-free business model makes ThreadX extremely attractive for high-volume devices.

ThreadX's ease of use enables ThreadX-powered devices to get to market on time and within budget, which accounts for ThreadX's success in the marketplace and its high-volume implementations.

ThreadX has been widely embraced and is currently deployed in excess of 450 million electronic products.

ThreadX is available in full source code form, royalty free, and at licence prices starting at US $12,500. Request a free brochure from Express Logic....

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