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All articles from Essemtec

Essemtec develops machine for IR soldering

Essemtec has supplied a machine to a European keyboard manufacturer that has developed a process for the soldering of heat-sensitive, flexible materials such as Mylar - a selective IR oven.

News from Electronicstalk, 15 September 2010

Placement machines perform error-free assignment

SMD placement machines from Essemtec can identify the PCB using a barcode label.

News from Electronicstalk, 16 March 2010

Essemtec launches radial component feeder

Essemtec has launched the CLM979 radial component feeder that enables the assembly of through-hole LEDs on a standard pick-and-place machine.

News from Electronicstalk, 27 January 2010

Essemtec to exhibit pick-and-place machine

Essemtec will premier its Paraquda SMD pick-and-place machine on booth A3.358 at the upcoming Productronica exhibition in Munich, Germany.

News from Electronicstalk, 11 November 2009

Essemtec to distribute component-storage system

Essemtec will receive the worldwide distribution rights for the Tower, an SMD component-storage system, in 2010.

News from Electronicstalk, 10 November 2009

Essemtec stencil printers print more accurately

Essemtec's stencil printers SP004 and SP150 print more accurately and are simpler to set up than their predecessors, the company said.

News from Electronicstalk, 14 October 2009

Production centre gets jet valve dispensing system

The FLX2011-MK, Essemtec's production centre for flexible circuits and membrane keyboards, is now equipped with a jet valve dispensing system.

News from Electronicstalk, 20 July 2009

Christian Koenen stencils available from Essemtec

Essemtec Benelux is offering Christian Koenen's stencils and accessories, storage systems, washing plants and chemicals for industrial printing processes.

News from Electronicstalk, 29 May 2009

Reflow oven meets lead-free soldering requirements

The RO06-Plus batch reflow oven from Essemtech offers integrated microprocessor control that provides a large set of predefined soldering and curing programs to make it simple for beginners.

News from Electronicstalk, 5 December 2008

Essemtec releases LED production systems brochure

Essemtec has published a free brochure entitled 'LED Production Systems', containing comprehensive information on production and processing of LEDs.

News from Electronicstalk, 2 December 2008

System allows quick mounting of SMD boards

Small batches and prototypes of SMD assembled boards can be mounted quickly and accurately using the Essemtec pick-and-place system - Expert-SAFP.

News from Electronicstalk, 24 November 2008

Essemtec enhances SP200 automated stencil printer

Essemtec has introduced SP200-AV2, a new model of its automated stencil printer SP200.

News from Electronicstalk, 8 September 2008

Vacuum table is gentle on flexible boards

Special twin vacuum table eases the handling of flex boards and film substrates, improving the safety of the handling operation and doubling throughput.

News from Electronicstalk, 22 August 2008

Flexible services make more of machinery

Services portfolio includes a range of options for financing, protection of the capital expenditure and the long-term conservation of machine value.

News from Electronicstalk, 18 August 2008

Printer promises finer performance

The new SP150 screen/stencil printer from Essemtec answers the long-term needs of many small and medium size enterprises.

News from Electronicstalk, 13 August 2008

System provides precise LED placement

The head features a placement axis with an integrated component adjustment mechanism, as well as two independent axes with a piezo flow valve and a time-pressure dispenser gear.

News from Electronicstalk, 19 May 2008

SMD boosts placement reliability

Through immediate component measurement, both set up flaws and incorrect placement due to labelling and packing errors are avoided.

News from Electronicstalk, 16 May 2008

Pick and place system boosts capacity

Essemtec's new SMD pick and place machine allows faster loading/unloading of PCBs compared to systems without a conveyor.

News from Electronicstalk, 9 January 2008

Flexibility is key to pick-and-place productivity

The FLX1020 and FLX1030 are multiple-head pick-and-place machines with speeds up to 15,000 components per hour.

News from Electronicstalk, 15 March 2004

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    Harwin's Datamate connector range - a 2mm pitch board-to-board and wire-to-board product suited to high-reliability applications - performs at high speed to make it suitable for many USB 2.0 designs.
  • Tantalum module provides high capacitance values

    AVX has developed a wet electrolytic tantalum module suitable for output filtering, battery holdup and energy storage and delivery in harsh environment applications.

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