News Release from: Ericsson Power Modules
Edited by the Electronicstalk Editorial Team on 22 February 2006

Quarter bricks claim top efficiency and density

New DC/DC modules are claimed to lead the world for efficiency and power density, delivering up to 33A at 12V in a quarter-brick design.

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Ericsson has released a device it reckons is the best-in-class power module in a quarter brick format. Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4000BPI series DC/DC modules are claimed to lead the world for efficiency and power density, and deliver up to 33A at 12V in a quarter brick design, improving overall system efficiency, reducing power consumption and reducing total cost of ownership when compared with 'standard' regulated DC convertors. Offering up to 380W in a quarter brick format, the PKM4000BPI series convertors are the world's first intermediate bus convertors (IBC) to provide such a high power density and power level in combination with a wide input voltage range.

In use, the modules offer more flexibility than any product on the market today, offering such features as latching or nonlatching protection, a baseplate with optional case ground pin, and N+1 parallel operation.

With its wide input voltage range of 36 to 75V, the modules are aimed at all customers using 48/60V combined with a battery backup, and are especially suited to customers building systems using the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA).

With a regulation of +/-10% over all load and line changes, the modules are available in three ratings; the PKM4304BPI 33A/12V, PKM4204BPI 25A/12V and the PKM4303BPI 40A/9V.

The PKM4204BPI is offered at a lower price point to benefit those who do not need the higher current rating.

Combined with the inherent better efficiency of the product, the 9V version improves system efficiency even further by better use of the POL when stepping down to lower outputs such as 1.2V.

Measuring just 57.9 x 36.8 x 12.7mm, the PKM4000BPI series offers a typical efficiency figure of 96% and has a 1500VDC input to output isolation figure.

The modules meet safety requirements to IEC/EN/UL60950 (pending) and offer a MTBF of 1.82 million hours.

Factors driving the demand for this type of module are the increasing use of intermediate bus architecture and accordingly, the more common use of POL devices.

The use of IBC improves the overall system efficiency and decreases costs.

The PKM4000BPI not only solves the needs of power hungry boards today, it can also be used in many upcoming designs due to its flexible design that saves the time on re-qualification and system testing.

In combination with Ericsson Power Modules' already extensive program of POL devices, these features make the PKM4000BPI series the ideal power solution to the next generation of FPGAs, DSPs and growing WiMAX users.

The PKM4000BPI completes Ericsson Power Modules' IBC quarter brick product program and closes the gap for customers in need of a wide input voltage range.

Ericsson is set to release similar products in eighth- and sixteenth-brick formats for lower power needs and additional board space savings.

In combination with the wide input IBC program Ericsson Power Modules also offers the high current 'fixed ratio' PKM4000N (quarter brick) series.

The company will soon release eighth bricks and sixteenth bricks for non-battery-backup 48V systems, and also the high current 'regulated' PKM4000C (quarter brick), PKB4000 (eighth brick) and PKU4000 (sixteenth brick) series for customers needing fully regulated bus voltages.

Ericsson Power Modules has combined its extensive knowledge gained from previous designs in the regulated 48V market together with a market driven, focused R and D approach to design a product that is suited to wide input range applications.

The company has also enhanced its technology by using the most advanced topologies and components on the market to achieve maximum efficiency and power density, yet still managing to add a high level of flexibility that enables customers to choose features and options.

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