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Edited by the Electronicstalk editorial team Dec 17, 2010

EMKA has developed a range of locking solutions, from rugged stainless-steel quarter turns and wingknobs to adjustable anti-vibration compression-style locks and generic multi-key programmes.

EMKA's Fort range of quarter-turn locks is available with from 100 to 2,000 key combinations and suited to zoned security applications such as lockers and community residential situations.

EMKA has developed a range of locks

EMKA has developed a range of locks

The Fort range encompasses recessed as well as combination and special key types, such as radial-pin tumbler and electrical switching cylinders for added or remote security operation.

EMKA is also launching a range of compression latches designed to enhance gasket compression and ensure longevity of the seal and equipment.

These are especially useful in situations where equipment vibration may affect the integrity of normal quarter-turn systems, for example on vehicles, gensets or mobile-mounted controls.

EMKA's 1000 program of IP65 compression latches now has lockable T handle, Wingknob, Square key and L handle variants, all with shaft extensions to suit deeper door frames up to 95mm.

The 1000 latch has a two-stage turn/compress function that also solves problems where thick gaskets are used or where normal latches would give too tight a compression.

The 1000 series provides 6mm of direct pull compression, while looking like any other double-bar or coin-slot quarter-turn fastener.

The operator makes a first quarter turn of the key, which positions the latch and a conventional 3mm ramp.

The second quarter turn then generates a 'soft landing' with a further 5.5mm compression.

Standard EMKA hole form is used so fitment is simple in all situations where traditional quarter-turn fasteners would be expected.

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