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Phone number(UK) +44 24 7661 6505

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EMKA UK Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative Locking Systems, Latches, Hinges, Gasketing, Window / Door units and Accessories to the Electrical and Electronic, HVAC and Industrial Enclosure Industries

ELECTRONIC LOCKING MODULES (ELM) - high tech security for high tech equipment, together with remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging

LOCKING SYSTEMS - for single and multi-point applications and in most circumstances, permit installation into a single punched hole, also including a wide range of COMPRESSION LOCKS

KEYLOCKS - simple quarter-turn locking for lockers, cabinets and covers

HINGE programme - includes products for most applications

Concealed, lift-off, mechanically fastened, weld on, polyamide and stainless steel versions are available

GASKETING MATERIALS - self-gripping with no permanent memory and can be installed in one piece without being mitered

TOGGLE LATCHES - ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, luggage, equipment

ACCESSORY line - includes drawing pockets, handles, door stops and other items of interest to designers and manufacturers of all types of enclosures

WINDOW and DOOR UNITS - custom made and available with a wide variety of options

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Featured articles

  • EMKA develops locking system range

    EMKA has developed a range of locking solutions, from rugged stainless-steel quarter turns and wingknobs to adjustable anti-vibration compression-style locks and generic multi-key programmes.
  • Butt hinges suited for wall-mount-style cabinets

    Polyamide versions of EMKA's 1056 series butt hinges are now available with cost reductions and are suited for wall-mount-style cabinets or machine-access panels.

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